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Weekly Custom Battle Rules

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Each week, the 758th holds a Custom Battle for everyone in the squadron to join.

Because of recent events, here are some ground rules for the weekly CBs.

These rules apply to ALL users, Administrators, Staff and Squadron Members.


  1. Minimal killing unless otherwise specified by the host. If someone asks you to stop, please respect that.
  2. Revenge kills are allowed, but not to an excessive nature
  3. Excessive killing, especially if it is called "accidental" will not be tolerated
  4. Team killing of any kind will not be tolerated
  5. Keeping the bots alive is important to keeping the game running longer
  6. Administrators of the squadron are allowed to host official squadron CBs
  7. Non-squadron members are not allowed to join under any circumstances, and will be kicked upon joining
  8. Players reserve the right to request a map change, 1st person to say a different map, with the approval of the host, will get their choice
  9. Players who are currently muted on the 758th Discord Server for rule violations are not permitted to join the weekly CBs
  10. All in-game squadron rules apply in the CBs


  • Verbal Warning - The player in question will be given one verbal warning either in voice chat or text chat. Continued rule breaking will result in the following.
  • Continued Rule Breaking
    • 1st Offense - Kick from the CB
    • 2nd Offense - Ban from the current CB and future CBs (Will be kicked upon entry)

Bans cannot be appealed.

Banned players will be added to the "CB Ban" role on the Discord server.


These rules may be amended at any time without prior notice by the Administration and Senior Staff of the squadron.

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  1. Seekers must not move at the beginning of the game until the host says so.
  2. Hiders have 2 minutes at the start of every game to go hide.
    1. Hiders have 4 minutes to find a spot after the 2 minutes is up. After which, hiders must find the nearest spot to hide and / or stay in place until they are found or until they are the last one remaining. Hiders CANNOT move once the 4 minutes is up.
  3. The last hider remaining can move and shoot at the seekers.
  4. Hiders cannot use glitch or "BS" spots to hide. These count as:
    1. Buildings you normally cannot get into (I.E., churches)
    2. Inside rocks or in glitched / exploit spots
    3. Outside of the map (I.E., under it or outside of the normal playing area)
    4. In their own spawn or at least in the spawn protection area
  5. Hiders may respawn in an aircraft after they die.
    1. Hiders cannot give hints or kill seekers, including the recon aircraft.
    2. Hiders cannot run down the tickets to an automatic game end.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick.

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