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758th - Squadron Battles Official Thread

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(Made by TheElite96 & TheFreakyKids)


Squadron Battles are coming to the 758th, and we need experienced players!

Pilots and tankers of the 758th! Do you think you're good in a tank or airplane, enough to represent a group of the most experienced players of the squadron in the Squadron Battles game mode? If so, read this!


Squadron Battles in War Thunder are a series of battles during a certain period of time, that being a "season". A team of 8 players from a single squadron will go up against an opposing squadron. The winning squadron will have their "Rating" increased. If we get to 1000 rating, we get access to some special squadron tags. (Tags: the == in our squadron name. =758th=)


If you would like to represent the squadron and play with a team of our most experienced players, then please read the requirements we ask of you. If you meet our requirements, hit the green button at the bottom to sign up!



  • You are above ALL squadron minimal requirements
  • You are at least Level 20
  • You have at least 3 4.0 BR tanks AND aircraft in a single country
  • You are willing to be flexible with times which we will discuss in our dedicated channel on our Discord server
  • You have a positive K/D in at least 2 of your vehicles that you will be using

Additional Information

  • There are 5 respawns:
    • 2 Aircraft
    • 3 Tanks
  • 8 players are required in a single match, that means we must have 8 members from the 758th participate
  • We will allow up to 10 players to join our team, 2 of those players being reserves.



If you have any questions, please contact one of the Squadron Battles Co-Ordinators below:

TheElite96 (Commander)

computergeek21 (Senior Officer)


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