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758th Squadron Rules (In Game)

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If you are banned from War Thunder for violating Terms of Use, End User License Agreement, or Rules, you will be kicked from this squadron. Chat bans are not counted in most cases.

War Thunder Terms of Use

War Thunder Rules

War Thunder EULA (End User License Agreement)

If you believe that one or more members are breaking these rules, please contact a Squadron Officer. Staff list is located here.


Note: Squadron Officers are NOT moderators of War Thunder!

We cannot help, nor will we help with chat bans, game bans, or anything game moderation related. We comply with all game rules set by Gaijin, and do not enforce them in any way other than reporting issues to the proper people.


1.0 Squadron Rules

1.1 Respect all Squadron Members, Sergeants, Officers and Commanders.

1.2 Respect anyone outside of the squadron even if you are not being respected.

1.3 Show maturity in chat, try your best follow all War Thunder chat rules. Responsibility is on you if moderation action is taken against you.

1.4 Do not spam the squadron chat, play unnecessary music through your headphones or microphone in the squadron voice chat (in-game, not Discord).

1.5 Do not violate the War Thunder Terms of Use or End User License Agreement in any form unless you have written permission from Gaijin to do so. (Only valid in some cases)

1.6 Do not backseat Moderate or act like you are an Officer if you are not. While the Officers are not moderators of the game, they can help keep our community in line during tough times. Let them do their job, and do not act as though you are one.

1.7 Do not challenge the Officers of the Squadron, nor take up arguments about the work of the officers. If you have an issue, send a senior a PM via Discord.


2.0 Squadron Penalties

2.1 You only get one warning. This warning can be bypassed if the Officer on duty feels it is needed. After this warning, you can receive no more, described in 2.2.

  • Officers have the right to issue a kick if they feel it is right. Kicks can be for either violation of rules or probable cause.

2.2 You will be issued a squadron kick if you continue to break our rules:

  • Second Warning - Kick from squadron


Important Note: If you attempt to join the squadron again after being kicked without getting specific permission from an Officer or Commander after being kicked, you will be blacklisted. Alt accounts are not allowed under any circumstances.

These rules may be amended at any time without prior notice.


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