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758th Discord Update - April 1 2019

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Swerwer Uwupdwate - April 1 2019



De Swevwen Fwifty Ewith Dwiscwod haw undwugwon swum chwanges. Wead bewow fwor fwull dwetails.


  • Swervwer Icwon Chwanged
  • Swervwer Nwame Chwanged
  • Stwaff pwofiul pictwus hwav bween updwated
  • Channul nwames havu bween chwanged
  • Ultwimut OwO impwumented
  • Apwil Fwools? Nwevu hwurd of it

These changes are accurate as of April 1 2019


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