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Friday Night CB - Bf 109F-4 Air Races

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This week's Friday Night CB will consist of several Air Races with some prizes!



  • Allowed Aircraft
    • USA: Bf 109F-4 (Premium)
    • Germany: Bf 109F-4
  • Map: Gorge Racing¹
  • Starting Time: 31st August @ 6:30PM EST
  • Ending Time: 31st August @ 8:45PM EST
  • Tournament Style: Single Elimination w/ Match for 3rd
  • Gamemode: Arcade Battles
  • Player Limit: 10



  • Participants must use the specified vehicle
  • Participants have one life
    • Disqualification if participant dies
  • Participants must show at least 5 minutes before starting time to qualify. If no show, player without competition will win that round.
  • Sign-ups must be complete by 30th August @ 8:00PM EST
  • Sign-ups must be made in the #race-signup channel on our Discord server
  • Administrators reserve the right to edit rules and requirements at any time before sign-ups close.


  • 1st Place
    • "Hind Pack" Pre-Order Bundle
    • 1000 Golden Eagles
    • Discord Title "Top Racer"
  • 2nd Place
    • 500 Golden Eagles
  • 3rd Place
    • 150 Golden Eagles


Unfortunately due to limitations set by Sony, PS4 players cannot participate in this event. ²

¹ Map made by Gentlespie

² Exclusive to PS4 only players. If you have a dedicated PC account (not connected to your PS4), you may receive prizes on that and still play on your PS4 account.

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