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Squadron Update, 4/28/2018

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Hi everyone!

Today I thought I'd update you on some important matters, as well as introduce a new feature for our Discord server before it goes live.


Squadron Activity

I just want to say a huge thank you to the active members of the squadron. You're keeping us alive, and we're really growing a lot faster than we had thought. I can say, I never thought, on that May 29th in 2014, that the 758th Squadron would be one of the most active squadrons in the entire world on War Thunder. As of right now, we are #40 in the world for highest activity, scoring just over 72,000 activity. So from me, and I'm sure from all the staff, thank you.


As such, we've run into a problem...we've run out of room! (almost)

So how are we could to counter this? We're going to use one of our inactive squadrons as an alternate squadron for people to join. They will have full access to the 758th Squadron Discord Server, and will be included in all our events, except they will be running with a different squadron tag in-game. Some changes will be made to our Discord server to allow for this, along with a complete revamp of our permissions system, but that is the future. I don't know when we plan to initiate this, but I can say that it's Soon™!


NSFW Section Update

Okay...I know I said I wouldn't do this....but we're doing it. Some of you may have noticed the new channel in the NSFW section. Yep, that's right. We're going to have an anime channel in the NSFW section. However, there will be some very strict rules for what you can post in this channel. Rules are yet to be setup, so stay tuned. Until then, the channel will remain locked.


758th Birthday

We're coming up on being 4 years old! On May 29th, 2014, I and Spideynn created the 758th Squadron. Although, it was not named the 758th Squadron as it is now...who knows what it was? Let me know in the general-chat channel, and I might give some GE away to the 1st person who figures it out. (If I've told you 1,000,000 times and you know it 100%, then let others have a chance :))


Other than that, I have some events planned for the next few weeks in preparation and celebration for our 4 year anniversary.

That's all from me folks. Have a nice weekend!


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