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  1. 758th Sergeants

    In the 758th Bomber Squadron, Sergeants are users who were picked by the Staff team to represent the squadron's community as a helper. These users meet all squadron requirements, are at or above our age limit and do not get paid in any way. These users have a vast knowledge of our rules, and can help when asked. They are also knowledgeable of the squadron and game, and are up to inviting new members to the squadron. Sergeants are more likely to assist when not asked, but can assist when asked as well. Sergeants in our squadron are not 758th Staff and receive no special treatment. They are invited to join the 758th Staff Discord Server, but have no access to channels that may otherwise be occupied by 758th Staff. Make complaints to 758th Staff, not Sergeants. Sergeants have the ability to moderate and remove posts accordingly inside the #general-chat channel on our Discord server. Outside of here, they are and will be treated as normal users without moderation power. Many Sergeants progress into Discord Moderator or Officer, keep this in mind if you'd like to be a staff member! These users are similar to the Community Helpers for War Thunder, the way they operate is very similar. CH List for War Thunder is here. The title can be obtained just as easily as it can be removed, and all Sergeants still must comply with our Game Rules, Discord Rules and Forum Rules. If you feel you are being abused or disrespected by our Sergeants, please contact a Senior Staff Member to sort this out. Community Manager (Contact him if you would like to be a Sergeant, or have any questions about the Sergeant rank.) xShurikeNx Sergeants CryonicZz DBlaise
  2. Hello everyone, A common question in a squadron is: "How do I get Sergeant?" or "How do I get Officer?" In the 758th Squadron, there are a few ways obtain these ranks. If you are familiar with the War Thunder staff system, this is closely related. Below, we will explain each rank. Sergeant Sergeant can be called a pre-moderator rank. It is what most users will get before they go to Officer. Some squadrons offer Sergeant to active players. We offer Sergeant to not only active players, but players who are the most devoted to the squadron. These players know a lot about the game, and the squadron. They are active on Discord and in-game. Sergeants get limited moderator powers in the general-chat channel on our Discord server, and are allowed to moderate at their own will in that channel. Sergeant can be obtained by being in the squadron for a minimum of 2 weeks, and at the same time, meeting all squadron requirements. Read More Officer Officer is the moderator rank in the squadron. They can accept / decline applications and kick players from the squadron. Their job is to help maintain a clean community and to enforce the rules. These players are staff, unlike Sergeant. Some Officers are also moderators on our Discord server, therefore given the title "Discord Moderator". Officer can be obtained by being a Sergeant for over a month, and having a perfect record in the squadron for being friendly, helpful, and rule abiding. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Senior member of our staff from the list below.