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  1. [PSA] Text Spam and Shift+Enter

    As of recent there has been many reminders to use "Shift + Enter" (or the "Return" button on mobile devices) on our discord. These reminders are given because sending many separate, rapid messages can be considered text spamming, and is a violation of our Discord Rules (specifically 1.6.2 "Spam text chat"). We understand that mistakes happen, so from here on sending more than 4 separate messages consecutively will result in a reminder to use shift+enter, whether or not it is a "spam" or just consecutive thoughts. However, if it is a spam, a verbal warning will be given. Continued spam will result in a server warning. To help avoid spam, please use the above mentioned functions. Or, if you think of something to add to your already sent message, you can edit your post to add in your thoughts rather than send more messages.
  2. 758th Discord Rules

    While communicating with squadron members via private message on Discord, you must follow these rules: Do not: -Ignore points made by Moderators / Administrators -Disrespect, make fun of or impersonate any War Thunder / Gaijin Staff or Developer. -Spread known or false information that has not been officially announced by administrators of the War Thunder game. -Directly insult any staff of the squadron or squadron members -Directly challenge the work of the moderators in any way -Impersonate any 758th staff member or War Thunder staff member -Backseat moderate. Let the Moderators do their job. Report offenders of these rules to a Moderator, do not take it upon yourself to step in.
  3. Share Your Decal Placement!

    My P-38K Love this plane <3
  4. Share Your Decal Placement!

    My P-51D-20NA First premium I ever bought (and my highest scoring plane with 178 kills)
  5. Share Your Decal Placement!

    I think the Maus might be my favorite canvas for decals. There is just so much flat, empty space
  6. Share Your Decal Placement!

    Behold, my Germanized Television! Since our Snail Lords have taken away the normal Balkenkreuz for non-German vehicles, I used the aircraft kill markings and then used the 20th Panzer Divsion decal to blend the hull paint over the markings that didn't go on the turret. I then set the camo condition to very low to lessen the contrast between the hull and decals. Believe it or not, this has fooled people in RB.