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  1. Hello 758th Squadron Members! Before I say anything I just want to put it out there that these different techniques of flying that I state are the best way I fly these different types of aircraft; If you have your own style of flying or techniques then by all means use what is most beneficial to you This has techniques that are best used in Realistic battles, but can also be beneficial in the other types of battles. The Most Important thing to remember when flying is what type of aircraft you are flying. If you are a bomber don't be stupid and dive down to kill attackers/ fighters. Or you shall die a most painful death. First we shall begin with one of the most used classes of Aircraft on War Thunder: Fighters and Naval Fighters: Typically when it comes to fighters it really just depends on the aircraft. If you are in a light and well turnable aircraft such as a Spitfire or a Zero then don't BnZ (Boom and Zoom) all day long. You have the ability to turn for a reason; USE IT! Don't just carelessly head on a Fw 190 in a Spitfire! Unless you would like to become a huge pile of burning fuel and metal. Get behind them, and you'll have a lot more fun :D. Second comes the fighters with maybe a worse turn time such as a Fw 190 or a F4U. These fighters are really where BnZ comes in handy. Use your speed and engine power against your enemies, turn as little as possible when in an aerial confrontation. Its much better to get a few hits and escape unharmed than aiming to turn and maybe get some more but then perish in a ball of fire. Speed and energy is everything in these planes, remember that. One huge rule for all fighters is simple; Climb, the more altitude you have especially for BnZ fighters then the more energy and speed you will get when diving or chasing an enemy. Fighters are light aircraft so be careful in dives and attacking bombers, the worst thing to do is just sit behind a bomber and shoot; its better to come from the sides and bottom where they are most vulnerable. Strike Fighters, Interceptors, and Air Defense Fighters: Unlike regular fighters most of their purpose is in the name, strike and get out of there. These fighters spawn in different areas most of the time as well. Air defense fighters/ Interceptors most of the time get air spawns while strike fighters will usually start on the ground. It just depends on the aircraft and map you play. Nonetheless these aircraft have things that are very much in common. They usually have terrible turn times but a large load out of cannons, .50 cals, and many options for missile or bombs. And most of them can go super fast in dives and retain energy in a straight line; aircraft such as the p-47, wyvern, and new Hornet Mk.3 are perfect examples. This is crucial in the strike fighters ability to strike fast and hard then run. One of my best strategies in my favorite Strike Fighter, the wyvern, is to go bomb out a base then double back towards my base to gain some speed and energy; once I get up to a decent speed (In the wyvern about 600+ Km/h ) then i turn back slowly as to not loose vital energy and speed and zoom in back to kill an enemy and or cover my teammate with a petty yak on their tail. On the other hand some may have entirely different ways of flying an air defense fighter/ interceptor such as myself. My favorite A.D.F is the Hornet Mk 3 which because of its air spawn allows me to climb up to high altitudes and attack aircraft such as other A.D.F's or bombers with my larger caliber guns. Again it depends on a planes load out but from my personal experience in Defense Fighters they tend to be the head-on kings of the sky; so don't hesitate to stare down that Bf.109 and tear him to shreds. Lastly one thing out people don't understand is the great experience you can get out of bombing targets, you don't need to always go for planes. Use cannons / guns for targets such as AAA, armored trucks/ cars, and light pillboxes. while maybe carrying bombs for ships, tanks, and bases. Torpedo bombing is also in my opinion a ton of fun so have at that too! When it comes to Interceptors I tend to play them the same way I play A.D.F. Attackers / Light Bombers: Aside from being one of my favorite class of aircraft Attackers and Light bombers are a ton of fun and for more of a "Down to earth" sort of player. When I use them I personally tend to stay lower to the ground while some people may climb, it is truly dependent on what the player likes and how the aircraft performs. An Il-10 (1946) would probably do a lot better at altitude than an AD-2 Skyraider. But in regards to both these aircraft there are in most cases two main parts of the aircraft involved. The main guns and the turrets. Both Attackers and Light bombers are excellent ground or naval pounding machines because they contain the ammo needed to take out many targets that would be harder to kill otherwise such as pillboxes. Some also contain large caliber guns like 30mm up to 102mm that are used to kill tanks and even ships. The best way to fly one of these aircraft is to try to stick away from the center of the battle between fighters. Pick ground targets that aren't in the usual flight / climbing path of enemy fighters that way you aren't only harder to detect but have more time to get points before enemy intervention. Head-on as much as you can in these planes and don't turn, aircraft like the a-26 even have the capability to out run some fighters so use your turrets; they're there for a reason! It is always recommended to bring bombs and missile to get even more points killing ground targets. Hey with a good sense of time and strategy you can even take out enemy fighters with bombs ;). When it comes to all of the above aircraft try to make sure you have some ammunition left when heading back to base to reload! That way if you get ambushed by an aircraft you aren't completely vulnerable. Medium and Heavy Bombers: There isn't too much to say about bombers because quite frankly they are very simple. You need to climb, and pick a base to kill. Don't go for ground targets if you are in these like leave the attackers something. Your job is to take out as much of the enemies bases and airfield as you can! Cause if you take them all out its an automatic win for your team. When it comes time which it always will that an enemy aircraft climbs up to your height you need to know how to defend yourself. These types of bombers are equips with many turrets to deal with these menace, but don't go head-on against a fighter and have your pilot knocked out try to keep them directly behind your plane where they are most prone to getting hit by bullets from your turrets. Also these planes are slow so don't dive and rips your wings off if you are going back to airfield put throttle to 0 and have a smooth glide path down. I hope this helps everyone with flying new aircraft! If you have any comments please feel free to share them below; I worked hard on this so I hope it benefits all of you reading in some way or another! Alright Thanks guys!
  2. Have you ever caught some hilarious moment in War Thunder where either you or a squamate did something just completely hilarious, idiotic, or down right random? If you have post it here! This is just for fun so make sure its not gonna hurt somebodies feeling posting them exploding into a thousand tiny metal pieces. The One Below is of my friend BeatTheDrop who apparently gave the hill after the runway on Zhengzhou a big old hug in his hunter!
  3. Share Your Decal Placement!

    I also enjoy flying out my p-51
  4. Share Your Decal Placement!

    This is my MiG-15 Its not the fastest of jets or the best looking but when she needs to get things done she does it without a doubt!