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  1. Share Your Decal Placement!

    My M4A1 (76) W, in other words my new baby! I used a couple hidden decals, one being an emblem for Japan and the other being the USMC from the M3A1 USMC Stuart. I do this to most of my Shermans now, mostly because it looks really good in my opinion. You can also see my teddy and StG-44. Happy flying! ~Keebird
  2. Salut! Welcome to the first thread for the General Discussion section! I thought, to get us all started, we should share how we've used the in-game decal customization system! I'm going to lay down a few rules first: Nothing naughty! - Nothing showing lewd scenes, especially the genitalia of men/women/gaijilla. Those will be swiftly removed! Must be yours - The screenshot must be yours, not something you've found on the internet and claim to be yours. No spamming - Please have a buffer between photos posted. 1-2 max per post, please, as War Thunder screenshots can be massive in size. No arguing - Please do not argue over why "This is bad" or "That is bad". Flame wars are against the rules, found here. No skins - No using a skin unless it's blank. If it's a historical/semi-historical skin it does not count. Don't feel ashamed of your decals if it's just a giant flag on your tank/plane, something semi-historical, or even historical! The screenshot can be taken in the hangar, in a battle, or in a Custom Battle. Show us your imagination! If you do not know how to take a screenshot, here is a Reddit post showcasing the procedure. This section will be moderated, so choose what you post wisely