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  1. Discord Alternatives

    No, this forum is not any sort of backup for the Discord server, it's used more for information and news than anything at this point. Discord is our main way of communication, but you do bring up a good point. I personally don't see any alternatives but I'll keep this in mind for sure just in case. In any event though, the Discord outages are often brief or short enough to not cause any major issues with our community.
  2. 758th Discord Update - April 1 2019

    Server has been reverted back to normal Happy April Fools!
  3. Swerwer Uwupdwate - April 1 2019 OwO De Swevwen Fwifty Ewith Dwiscwod haw undwugwon swum chwanges. Wead bewow fwor fwull dwetails. Swervwer Icwon Chwanged Swervwer Nwame Chwanged Stwaff pwofiul pictwus hwav bween updwated Channul nwames havu bween chwanged Ultwimut OwO impwumented Apwil Fwools? Nwevu hwurd of it These changes are accurate as of April 1 2019
  4. help

    Hi, Please send me a PM on the War Thunder Forums with your in-game nickname. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/profile/543638-theelite96/ Cheers
  5. These rules apply to the 758th Discord Server's NSFW Area. If you are kicked from the server for violating these rules, you will also be kicked from the squadron. If you believe that one or more members are breaking these rules, please contact a Discord Moderator. Staff list is located here. Section 1: NSFW General Content must comply with all existing Discord Server Rules. Some are repeated here for clarity. Content must not contain: Pornographic, obscene images, text or discussions Racism, xenophobia, or any type of discrimination Any form of political debate or discussion Section 2: Politics Content must comply with all existing Discord Server Rules. Some are repeated here for clarity. Content must not contain: Any form of political attacks or bashing intentionally aimed at one or another political view, such as alt-right or alt-left, democratic party, etc Out of control debates that include the use of insults by means of bashing one's political views Memes, images or discussions depicting or based around a radical opinion of a political view or figure Any form of personal attacks against users based on political views. This includes PMs Voice communications regarding politics in any of our voice channels If there are enough complaints from server users about content left in this channel, the political room will be removed just as easily as it was brought back. The rules are simple, we want and expect the utmost respect, maturity and decency from everyone here. Administrators may close the channel, temporarily or permanently, for any reason, at any time, under the sole discretion of the Administration. Section 3: Warnings, Mutes and Bans Violation of any Rules listed here or Discord Terms of Service will result in a warning issued to you. If you earn 1 warning specifically from a violation of this section's rules or rules broken in this section, your access to NSFW rooms will be permanently removed, and the warning will be added to your entire server moderation record. A Senior member of our staff may decide, with the help of the Administration, if a player deserves a kick from the squadron based off what punishment they have received on our Discord server. A decision can also be made to bypass our warning system and go to a ban or kick from our Discord server, if deemed necessary by Senior staff and Administration.
  6. This week's Friday Night CB will consist of two Air Tournaments with some small yet collectable prizes! Details Allowed Aircraft Germany: He 51 A-1, He 51 B-1, He 51 C-1, He 51 C-1/L, He 51 B-2/H Map: [Tournament] Gladiators 2x2 "Kursk" Starting Times: Arcade Tournament: 7th September @ 6:30PM EST Realistic Tournament: 8th September @ 6:30PM EST Ending Times: Arcade Tournament: 7th September @ 8:45PM EST Realistic Tournament: 8th September @ 8:45PM EST Tournament Style: Single Elimination w/ Match for 3rd Gamemode: Arcade Battles Player Limit: 20 Prizes are given to each winner(s) of each tournament. Rules Participants must use the specified vehicle Participants must only use one vehicle Participants must be a valid member of the 758th Squadron Discord Server. Participants must show at least 5 minutes before starting time to qualify. If no show, player without competition will win that round. Sign-ups must be complete by 6th September @ 8:00PM EST Sign-ups must be made in the #duel-signup channel on our Discord server Administrators reserve the right to edit rules and requirements at any time before sign-ups close. Prizes 1st Place (Choice of one pack) Dewoitine D.371 H.S.9 Pack (Contains the following) Dewoitine D.371 H.S.9 aircraft (Rank 1 France) Premium account for 7 days 500 Golden Eagles Fiat CR.32 bis Pack (Contains the following) Fiat CR.32 bis aircraft (Rank 1 Italy) Premium account for 7 days 500 Golden Eagles 1000 GE (If user already owns both packs) Bonus - Discord Title "1v1 Master-duelist" 2nd Place 500 Golden Eagles 3rd Place 150 Golden Eagles Unfortunately due to limitations set by Sony, PS4 players cannot participate in this event. ¹ ¹ Exclusive to PS4 only players. If you have a dedicated PC account (not connected to your PS4), you may receive prizes on that and still play on your PS4 account.
  7. This week's Friday Night CB will consist of several Air Races with some prizes! Details Allowed Aircraft USA: Bf 109F-4 (Premium) Germany: Bf 109F-4 Map: Gorge Racing¹ Starting Time: 31st August @ 6:30PM EST Ending Time: 31st August @ 8:45PM EST Tournament Style: Single Elimination w/ Match for 3rd Gamemode: Arcade Battles Player Limit: 10 Rules Participants must use the specified vehicle Participants have one life Disqualification if participant dies Participants must show at least 5 minutes before starting time to qualify. If no show, player without competition will win that round. Sign-ups must be complete by 30th August @ 8:00PM EST Sign-ups must be made in the #race-signup channel on our Discord server Administrators reserve the right to edit rules and requirements at any time before sign-ups close. Prizes 1st Place "Hind Pack" Pre-Order Bundle 1000 Golden Eagles Discord Title "Top Racer" 2nd Place 500 Golden Eagles 3rd Place 150 Golden Eagles Unfortunately due to limitations set by Sony, PS4 players cannot participate in this event. ² ¹ Map made by Gentlespie ² Exclusive to PS4 only players. If you have a dedicated PC account (not connected to your PS4), you may receive prizes on that and still play on your PS4 account.
  8. Dear 758th members! We continue to keep an eye on our activity of members and will be doing a kick wave on August 5th. The following users are in danger of being kicked if activity does not rise above 500 before that time. If you believe there is a mistake, please contact an Officer immediately. Note: Anyone who has contacted us before with a heads up that they will be inactive for personal reasons and anyone who joined on or after July 1st 2018 is exempt from action. Our community is built around the activity of players. Inactive players take up slots that more active players could use. If you are going to be inactive, there is a possibility that we can allow you to do so without being kicked for inactivity. However, anyone who does not do this in advance is not exempt from action. We hope you understand. - 758th Administration
  9. Squadron Staff

    758th / 757th Bomber Squadron Staff Hub If you are having issues with our members or need to ask one of our staff a question, please do so on Discord. 758th Staff 757th Staff
  10. 757th Staff

    Listed below are the staff member specifically for the 757th Squadron. If you would like to see the full list of staff for the main squadron, the 758th, which includes our Discord server and Forum, then please see the 758th Staff list. Disclaimer: Every staff member here volunteered or was picked by Administration to moderate and serve for our Squadron. No staff member is paid for their services, therefore every staff member is a volunteer. ADMINISTRATION Complaints (Contact them only if any of the staff members below cannot help you, or you need to complain about an abusive staff member.) xShurikeNx (Community Manager) TheFreakyKids (Community Manager) Final Decisions (Head Administrators) (Contact them only if any of the staff members above cannot help you.) TheElite96 (Commander) insane_killer944 (Deputy Commander) Spideynn (Technical Administrator) IN-GAME Squadron Officers (Contact them if you have issues with squadron members in-game.) CryonicZz Marinejeger
  11. The winners of the April/May Player Invite Competition have been announced, and are displayed above! Final invite count: GandhiKhan 20 invites _Yukari__Akiyama 5 invites ODSTGhost479 1 invite Thank you to everyone who joined, and to the few who had the time and patience to invite so many new people! We really appreciate it. If you are listed above, then you won a prize. Please PM TheElite96 by May 10th for details on how to get your prize.
  12. Squadron Update, 4/28/2018

    Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd update you on some important matters, as well as introduce a new feature for our Discord server before it goes live. Squadron Activity I just want to say a huge thank you to the active members of the squadron. You're keeping us alive, and we're really growing a lot faster than we had thought. I can say, I never thought, on that May 29th in 2014, that the 758th Squadron would be one of the most active squadrons in the entire world on War Thunder. As of right now, we are #40 in the world for highest activity, scoring just over 72,000 activity. So from me, and I'm sure from all the staff, thank you. As such, we've run into a problem...we've run out of room! (almost) So how are we could to counter this? We're going to use one of our inactive squadrons as an alternate squadron for people to join. They will have full access to the 758th Squadron Discord Server, and will be included in all our events, except they will be running with a different squadron tag in-game. Some changes will be made to our Discord server to allow for this, along with a complete revamp of our permissions system, but that is the future. I don't know when we plan to initiate this, but I can say that it's Soon™! NSFW Section Update Okay...I know I said I wouldn't do this....but we're doing it. Some of you may have noticed the new channel in the NSFW section. Yep, that's right. We're going to have an anime channel in the NSFW section. However, there will be some very strict rules for what you can post in this channel. Rules are yet to be setup, so stay tuned. Until then, the channel will remain locked. 758th Birthday We're coming up on being 4 years old! On May 29th, 2014, I and Spideynn created the 758th Squadron. Although, it was not named the 758th Squadron as it is now...who knows what it was? Let me know in the general-chat channel, and I might give some GE away to the 1st person who figures it out. (If I've told you 1,000,000 times and you know it 100%, then let others have a chance ) Other than that, I have some events planned for the next few weeks in preparation and celebration for our 4 year anniversary. That's all from me folks. Have a nice weekend!
  13. Top 3 Most Active Players April 2018 Published: April 27, 2018 If there are multiple players with the max rating (1680) the prize will be given to the one who is in the #1 space. Prize will be given to most active player within 1 week of when this thread is published.
  14. Player Invitation Competition

    With the recent booting of many inactive players in the 758th Squadron, we're going to do a bit of a competition. We want you, Squadron Members and Staff alike, to invite as many new players as you possibly can to the 758th Squadron. We want you to fill us up (128 Members) again. All you have to do is invite new players! The player who invites the most new people gets the prize(s) listed below. Conditions & Rules Competition participants must be in the 758th Squadron Players who are being invited must meet most or all of our Requirements. We can make exceptions, sometimes. Players who join and then leave will not be counted towards the progress. Competition participants must mark down that they've invited the new player in the #invite-competition channel on our Discord server. The Administrators will keep track of invites 758th Leaders cannot participate. (Commander, Deputy Commander) 758th Administrators and Staff can participate. (CM, Discord Moderators, Officers) There is not a maximum to how many players one can invite If we reach 128 members while the competition is going on, we will kick players with 0 activity Players cannot invite alternate War Thunder accounts Players must also invite these new players to the Discord server. Permalink: https://discord.gg/Xcs3j89 Channel will close and competition will end on May 12th 2018 @ 3:00PM EST Prizes will be sent out the following week Be courteous and kind when inviting. DO NOT ADVERTISE OUR SQUADRON IN PUBLIC MATCHES! Prizes 1st Place 758th Exclusive Hoodie (Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL) (Brand: Bella+Canvas. PM me for sizing chart. Returns are not accepted.) (Image) 758th Exclusive Sticker (Image) Discord Role: "Master Inviter" 1000 GE 2nd Place 758th Exclusive Sticker (Image) Discord Role: "Inviter" 500 GE 3rd Place Discord Role: "Inviter" 500 GE
  15. Inactive Players - what happens next

    The following members will be kicked from the 758th Squadron on April 12th for inactivity. Note: If your name is on this list, you can avoid getting kicked by increasing your activity.
  16. Hi gang! We'll be continuing the kick sprees of inactive players. We now have a new way of doing this, and this will be a bi-monthly occurrence. Don't worry - there are ways to escape being kicked if you have a legitimate reason. Methods We will be kicking players only with 0 activity, and ones that have not been set to on leave. Below is the current (as of 9/29/17) who are in danger of being kicked. Everyone on this list is not guaranteed to be kicked right away or soon, however there's no promise that you'll be staying. We will be kicking in waves and every 2 months, so keep an eye on the announcements. There will be no warnings this time, it will just happen! Kicks will be issued the day after I make the announcement, and you will be given exactly 24 hours to increase your activity to above 0. "But Elite, I have school, work, etc. and am not able to play! What about me?" I'm sorry guys, but we need space for more active players. Hopefully you can understand. The only exception I will make is to those who are in the Military or have infinite amounts of work. Please PM an Officer to sort that out. Ways to escape the terror If you seriously love us and don't want to get kicked, there are ways of escaping this. As said above, please PM an Officer and maybe we can sort something out. I can guarantee one thing from this post. Everyone on that list, as long as they do not provide the staff team with a legitimate and valid reason as to why they're not active, will be kicked at some point. In the meantime, we will be working to recruit more active players, so expect some new guys soon! - 758th Administration
  17. American Air Blitz 1x1 AB Click here for Tournament Information TEAM NAME: 758 Members: @TheElite96 Placing Below: 3rd Place American Air Blitz 1x1 AB Click here for Tournament Information TEAM NAME: 758th Members: @computergeek21 Placing Below: 5th Place
  18. Weekly Custom Battle Rules

    HIDE N SEEK RULES Seekers must not move at the beginning of the game until the host says so. Hiders have 2 minutes at the start of every game to go hide. Hiders have 4 minutes to find a spot after the 2 minutes is up. After which, hiders must find the nearest spot to hide and / or stay in place until they are found or until they are the last one remaining. Hiders CANNOT move once the 4 minutes is up. The last hider remaining can move and shoot at the seekers. Hiders cannot use glitch or "BS" spots to hide. These count as: Buildings you normally cannot get into (I.E., churches) Inside rocks or in glitched / exploit spots Outside of the map (I.E., under it or outside of the normal playing area) In their own spawn or at least in the spawn protection area Hiders may respawn in an aircraft after they die. Hiders cannot give hints or kill seekers, including the recon aircraft. Hiders cannot run down the tickets to an automatic game end. Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick.
  19. Each week, the 758th holds a Custom Battle for everyone in the squadron to join. Because of recent events, here are some ground rules for the weekly CBs. These rules apply to ALL users, Administrators, Staff and Squadron Members. Minimal killing unless otherwise specified by the host. If someone asks you to stop, please respect that. Revenge kills are allowed, but not to an excessive nature Excessive killing, especially if it is called "accidental" will not be tolerated Team killing of any kind will not be tolerated Keeping the bots alive is important to keeping the game running longer Administrators of the squadron are allowed to host official squadron CBs Non-squadron members are not allowed to join under any circumstances, and will be kicked upon joining Players reserve the right to request a map change, 1st person to say a different map, with the approval of the host, will get their choice Players who are currently muted on the 758th Discord Server for rule violations are not permitted to join the weekly CBs All in-game squadron rules apply in the CBs Violations Verbal Warning - The player in question will be given one verbal warning either in voice chat or text chat. Continued rule breaking will result in the following. Continued Rule Breaking 1st Offense - Kick from the CB 2nd Offense - Ban from the current CB and future CBs (Will be kicked upon entry) Bans cannot be appealed. Banned players will be added to the "CB Ban" role on the Discord server. These rules may be amended at any time without prior notice by the Administration and Senior Staff of the squadron.
  20. A new month has arrived and our next monthly competition has officially started. Here are the winners of the November competition! Winner will receive 500 Golden Eagles. Best Screenshot - Jordanleafy - 500 Honorable Mention - _xXRAPTORXx_ Thank you everyone for posting your amazing screenshots! Remember, this is a monthly competition. All you have to do is post your screenshot, and you will be given a chance to win prizes! Read more info on the Official Announcement.
  21. Hello everyone, We'd like to remind you all of something that we don't do very often around here. We have been informed of a recent ban wave regarding people illegally buying content and people buying content off untrustworthy sites. Buying GE and other items from the Gaijin.Net Store off an untrusted site is highly unrecommended, and will result in an account ban. While these bans can be resolved by contacting our Gaijin Support Team to rebuy the item(s) with your own funds, we do not recommend doing this. Anyone who has bought an item off our Store with a stolen credit card or something of that type, will also receive an account ban. The resolution method is the same. Just remember to always buy your War Thunder GE and items off Steam, the PSN Store or the Gaijin.Net Store, and you'll be fine. The point of this PSA is to remind players of three things: DO NOT buy War Thunder items off sites that are not directly connected to or partnered with Gaijin Entertainment DO NOT buy War Thunder items with a stolen credit card or stolen purchase method Any account that gets banned will be kicked from our squadron. You may rejoin if you get unbanned. While we Community Helpers cannot give any real assistance in this situation, you may feel free to contact Gaijin Support to get help, should your account get banned. Now is also a good time to remind you of a few more things: Selling accounts is illegal, and will result in a ban Sharing accounts is illegal and will most likely result in a ban Trading / Lending accounts is also illegal and will result in the same Doing any of these three things can result in a permanent account ban, especially that top point. Please remember this before doing such actions! You can read all of these points and more in the War Thunder Terms of Use, and the War Thunder EULA. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! - WT Community Helpers [TheElite96, Keebird]
  22. The following changes take effect on February 1st at 12:00AM EST. A user can get 1st place a grand total of twice per 3 months
  23. Today marks 2 years since the 758th Discord Server was opened! We thank you all for being a part of our community, here's to more years! I've recorded some milestones below. They are accurate as of today. First Message: "Hey :P" First Member: TheElite96 Second Member: Spideynn First Discord Moderator: Sleet13 100 members reached: August 12th, 2017 100th member: VollerKriegs 100 messages sent: September 27th, 2016 1,000 messages sent: October 8th, 2016 5,000 messages sent: October 21st, 2016 10,000 messages sent: October 30th, 2016 100,000 messages sent: April 27, 2017 Current number of messages sent since creation date: 241,953 Most active user, message count wise: Keebird (33,985 messages) Again, we thank you for being a part of this community.
  24. Staff Holiday - Thanksgiving Break

    Staff are not required to serve during this time.
  25. Staff Holiday - Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day for Mr. Nathaniel Crowley of the 758th Bomber Squadron, 459th Bomb Group. Staff are not required to be online on this day.