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    While communicating with squadron members via private message on Discord, you must follow these rules: Do not: -Ignore points made by Moderators / Administrators -Disrespect, make fun of or impersonate any War Thunder / Gaijin Staff or Developer. -Spread known or false information that has not been officially announced by administrators of the War Thunder game. -Directly insult any staff of the squadron or squadron members -Directly challenge the work of the moderators in any way -Impersonate any 758th staff member or War Thunder staff member -Backseat moderate. Let the Moderators do their job. Report offenders of these rules to a Moderator, do not take it upon yourself to step in.
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    These rules apply to the 758th Discord Server. If you are kicked from the server for violating these rules, you will also be kicked from the squadron. If you are banned from War Thunder for violating Terms of Use, End User License Agreement, or Rules, you will be kicked from this squadron. Chat bans are not counted in most cases. War Thunder Terms of Use War Thunder Rules War Thunder EULA (End User License Agreement) If you believe that one or more members are breaking these rules, please contact a Discord Moderator. Staff list is located here. Section 1: Text Chat Do Not: 1. Make inflammatory, racist, insulting, xenophobic or otherwise offensive remarks, towards other server members, War Thunder staff/developers or War Thunder players in general. 2. Start or participate in witch-hunts of other players in game or on the server. 3. Post or discuss inappropriate videos, pictures or discussions, including but not limited to discussions of suicide, gun violence or anything considered “NSFW”. 4. Start or take part in discussions of politics or anything related outside of the #politics channel. Please type "?nsfw" to gain access to these closed channels. Content must comply with additional NSFW Area Rules 5. Post anime, hentai or anything NSFW under any circumstances. 6. Directly and intentionally challenge the work of the server moderation team. 7. Impersonate any 758th Staff or War Thunder team member. 8. Advertise Discord servers not run by 758th Administration or without previous approval by an Administrator. 9. Spam the text chat with useless messages. (Shift + Enter is your friend, so is the Edit button) 10. Take part in discussions of sublicensing, renting, leasing, selling, trading, gifting, or any sort of transfer of one's War Thunder account. 11. Backseat Moderate. Let the Moderators do their job. Report any violation of our rules to a Moderator. Section 2: Other / Miscellaneous 12. Nicknames may not be changed. Contact a Discord Moderator if you would like your Discord Nickname changed. It must represent your in-game nickname. 13. Please keep text chat to English, if you are able to. 14. You are subject to kick from server if your Discord profile preferences (Profile Picture, Game) violates the Discord Terms of Service or any of our server rules. (Anime without any NSFW is not counted) 15. Refrain from pinging Administration unless it is absolutely necessary. Section 3: Voice Chat All Text Chat Rules & Other / Miscellaneous Rules apply to Voice Chat, along with the following. Do Not: 16. Mic spam or talk intentionally loud (commonly known as ear-rape) to cause dissent. Section 4: Warnings, Mutes and Bans Violation of any Rules listed here or Discord Terms of Service will result in a warning issued to you. If you earn 5 warnings, you will be banned. Each warning may include a text & voice mute if deemed necessary by a Moderator. A Senior member of our staff may decide, with the help of the Administration, if a player deserves a kick from the squadron based off what punishment they have received on our Discord server. A decision can also be made to bypass our warning system and go to a ban or kick from our Discord server, if deemed necessary by Senior staff and Administration.
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    As of recent there has been many reminders to use "Shift + Enter" (or the "Return" button on mobile devices) on our discord. These reminders are given because sending many separate, rapid messages can be considered text spamming, and is a violation of our Discord Rules (specifically 1.6.2 "Spam text chat"). We understand that mistakes happen, so from here on sending more than 4 separate messages consecutively will result in a reminder to use shift+enter, whether or not it is a "spam" or just consecutive thoughts. However, if it is a spam, a verbal warning will be given. Continued spam will result in a server warning. To help avoid spam, please use the above mentioned functions. Or, if you think of something to add to your already sent message, you can edit your post to add in your thoughts rather than send more messages.
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    The following users are appreciated for supporting the development and growth of the squadron and the services we use to run this squadron. o7 to you all, and thank you for the support. Users will be kept on this wall regardless of whether they have cancelled their monthly donations. This wall will be updated with new patrons if we get more. If you are interested in helping us out, please check out our Patreon page!
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    Salut! Welcome to the first thread for the General Discussion section! I thought, to get us all started, we should share how we've used the in-game decal customization system! I'm going to lay down a few rules first: Nothing naughty! - Nothing showing lewd scenes, especially the genitalia of men/women/gaijilla. Those will be swiftly removed! Must be yours - The screenshot must be yours, not something you've found on the internet and claim to be yours. No spamming - Please have a buffer between photos posted. 1-2 max per post, please, as War Thunder screenshots can be massive in size. No arguing - Please do not argue over why "This is bad" or "That is bad". Flame wars are against the rules, found here. No skins - No using a skin unless it's blank. If it's a historical/semi-historical skin it does not count. Don't feel ashamed of your decals if it's just a giant flag on your tank/plane, something semi-historical, or even historical! The screenshot can be taken in the hangar, in a battle, or in a Custom Battle. Show us your imagination! If you do not know how to take a screenshot, here is a Reddit post showcasing the procedure. This section will be moderated, so choose what you post wisely
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    This is my Hunter. It is my favorite jet aircraft in-game currently, and gets the job done while looking good doing it. I have very simple decals, just enough to keep it looking great.
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    Today marks 2 years since the 758th Discord Server was opened! We thank you all for being a part of our community, here's to more years! I've recorded some milestones below. They are accurate as of today. First Message: "Hey :P" First Member: TheElite96 Second Member: Spideynn First Discord Moderator: Sleet13 100 members reached: August 12th, 2017 100th member: VollerKriegs 100 messages sent: September 27th, 2016 1,000 messages sent: October 8th, 2016 5,000 messages sent: October 21st, 2016 10,000 messages sent: October 30th, 2016 100,000 messages sent: April 27, 2017 Current number of messages sent since creation date: 241,953 Most active user, message count wise: Keebird (33,985 messages) Again, we thank you for being a part of this community.
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    Hi everyone, Here in the 758th squadron, we are setup like a company. We are actually extremely similar to War Thunder's staff system. This PSA is here to remind you all that our staff are here for a reason. I get many PMs about people reporting other users in-game for something they said, or something along those lines. Let's take a moment to look at what it says underneath "ADMINISTRATION" on the 758th Staff List: Now, let's take a look at what it says underneath "IN-GAME" (Officers) on the 758th Staff List: I'd like to remind you all that I am not an Officer, I am the Commander. Think of me as the CEO, and the staff as the employees you should talk to. They can help you too, and have access to resources that can help solve your issue quicker. If you have a problem with a staff member, contact a senior staff member. If you have a problem with a senior staff member, contact the Administration. Likewise, if you have an issue that cannot be solved by a Discord Moderator or Officer, contact the seniors, and so on. Final line: We have staff for a reason, please use them as a tool and a resource, instead of going straight to the top. As much as I love to help others, I have quite a lot on my plate and cannot help everyone. I manage this squadron, my staff are here to keep it in order. Thanks!
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    Hello 758th Squadron Members! Before I say anything I just want to put it out there that these different techniques of flying that I state are the best way I fly these different types of aircraft; If you have your own style of flying or techniques then by all means use what is most beneficial to you This has techniques that are best used in Realistic battles, but can also be beneficial in the other types of battles. The Most Important thing to remember when flying is what type of aircraft you are flying. If you are a bomber don't be stupid and dive down to kill attackers/ fighters. Or you shall die a most painful death. First we shall begin with one of the most used classes of Aircraft on War Thunder: Fighters and Naval Fighters: Typically when it comes to fighters it really just depends on the aircraft. If you are in a light and well turnable aircraft such as a Spitfire or a Zero then don't BnZ (Boom and Zoom) all day long. You have the ability to turn for a reason; USE IT! Don't just carelessly head on a Fw 190 in a Spitfire! Unless you would like to become a huge pile of burning fuel and metal. Get behind them, and you'll have a lot more fun :D. Second comes the fighters with maybe a worse turn time such as a Fw 190 or a F4U. These fighters are really where BnZ comes in handy. Use your speed and engine power against your enemies, turn as little as possible when in an aerial confrontation. Its much better to get a few hits and escape unharmed than aiming to turn and maybe get some more but then perish in a ball of fire. Speed and energy is everything in these planes, remember that. One huge rule for all fighters is simple; Climb, the more altitude you have especially for BnZ fighters then the more energy and speed you will get when diving or chasing an enemy. Fighters are light aircraft so be careful in dives and attacking bombers, the worst thing to do is just sit behind a bomber and shoot; its better to come from the sides and bottom where they are most vulnerable. Strike Fighters, Interceptors, and Air Defense Fighters: Unlike regular fighters most of their purpose is in the name, strike and get out of there. These fighters spawn in different areas most of the time as well. Air defense fighters/ Interceptors most of the time get air spawns while strike fighters will usually start on the ground. It just depends on the aircraft and map you play. Nonetheless these aircraft have things that are very much in common. They usually have terrible turn times but a large load out of cannons, .50 cals, and many options for missile or bombs. And most of them can go super fast in dives and retain energy in a straight line; aircraft such as the p-47, wyvern, and new Hornet Mk.3 are perfect examples. This is crucial in the strike fighters ability to strike fast and hard then run. One of my best strategies in my favorite Strike Fighter, the wyvern, is to go bomb out a base then double back towards my base to gain some speed and energy; once I get up to a decent speed (In the wyvern about 600+ Km/h ) then i turn back slowly as to not loose vital energy and speed and zoom in back to kill an enemy and or cover my teammate with a petty yak on their tail. On the other hand some may have entirely different ways of flying an air defense fighter/ interceptor such as myself. My favorite A.D.F is the Hornet Mk 3 which because of its air spawn allows me to climb up to high altitudes and attack aircraft such as other A.D.F's or bombers with my larger caliber guns. Again it depends on a planes load out but from my personal experience in Defense Fighters they tend to be the head-on kings of the sky; so don't hesitate to stare down that Bf.109 and tear him to shreds. Lastly one thing out people don't understand is the great experience you can get out of bombing targets, you don't need to always go for planes. Use cannons / guns for targets such as AAA, armored trucks/ cars, and light pillboxes. while maybe carrying bombs for ships, tanks, and bases. Torpedo bombing is also in my opinion a ton of fun so have at that too! When it comes to Interceptors I tend to play them the same way I play A.D.F. Attackers / Light Bombers: Aside from being one of my favorite class of aircraft Attackers and Light bombers are a ton of fun and for more of a "Down to earth" sort of player. When I use them I personally tend to stay lower to the ground while some people may climb, it is truly dependent on what the player likes and how the aircraft performs. An Il-10 (1946) would probably do a lot better at altitude than an AD-2 Skyraider. But in regards to both these aircraft there are in most cases two main parts of the aircraft involved. The main guns and the turrets. Both Attackers and Light bombers are excellent ground or naval pounding machines because they contain the ammo needed to take out many targets that would be harder to kill otherwise such as pillboxes. Some also contain large caliber guns like 30mm up to 102mm that are used to kill tanks and even ships. The best way to fly one of these aircraft is to try to stick away from the center of the battle between fighters. Pick ground targets that aren't in the usual flight / climbing path of enemy fighters that way you aren't only harder to detect but have more time to get points before enemy intervention. Head-on as much as you can in these planes and don't turn, aircraft like the a-26 even have the capability to out run some fighters so use your turrets; they're there for a reason! It is always recommended to bring bombs and missile to get even more points killing ground targets. Hey with a good sense of time and strategy you can even take out enemy fighters with bombs ;). When it comes to all of the above aircraft try to make sure you have some ammunition left when heading back to base to reload! That way if you get ambushed by an aircraft you aren't completely vulnerable. Medium and Heavy Bombers: There isn't too much to say about bombers because quite frankly they are very simple. You need to climb, and pick a base to kill. Don't go for ground targets if you are in these like leave the attackers something. Your job is to take out as much of the enemies bases and airfield as you can! Cause if you take them all out its an automatic win for your team. When it comes time which it always will that an enemy aircraft climbs up to your height you need to know how to defend yourself. These types of bombers are equips with many turrets to deal with these menace, but don't go head-on against a fighter and have your pilot knocked out try to keep them directly behind your plane where they are most prone to getting hit by bullets from your turrets. Also these planes are slow so don't dive and rips your wings off if you are going back to airfield put throttle to 0 and have a smooth glide path down. I hope this helps everyone with flying new aircraft! If you have any comments please feel free to share them below; I worked hard on this so I hope it benefits all of you reading in some way or another! Alright Thanks guys!
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    Top 3 Most Active Players July 2017 Published: July 27, 2017 If there are multiple players with the max rating (1680) the prize will be given to the one who is in the #1 space. Prize will be given to most active player within 1 week of when this thread is published.
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    In the 758th Bomber Squadron, Sergeants are users who were picked by the Staff team to represent the squadron's community as a helper. These users meet all squadron requirements, are at or above our age limit and do not get paid in any way. These users have a vast knowledge of our rules, and can help when asked. They are also knowledgeable of the squadron and game, and are up to inviting new members to the squadron. Sergeants are more likely to assist when not asked, but can assist when asked as well. Sergeants in our squadron are not 758th Staff and receive no special treatment. They are invited to join the 758th Staff Discord Server, but have no access to channels that may otherwise be occupied by 758th Staff. Make complaints to 758th Staff, not Sergeants. Sergeants have the ability to moderate and remove posts accordingly inside the #general-chat channel on our Discord server. Outside of here, they are and will be treated as normal users without moderation power. These users are similar to the Community Helpers for War Thunder, the way they operate is very similar. CH List for War Thunder is here. The title can be obtained just as easily as it can be removed, and all Sergeants still must comply with our Game Rules, Discord Rules and Forum Rules. If you feel you are being abused or disrespected by our Sergeants, please contact a Senior Staff Member to sort this out. Lead Sergeant / Manager MasterSpoofZz Sergeants AarSeroph LadyMarie
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    Greetings! From now on, we will be rewarding the most active players in the 758th Bomber Squadron with Golden Eagles! Each month, the most active player with the most activity rating will get 500 Golden Eagles. If there is more than one player with 1680 activity rating, the prize will be given to the user in the #1 space. It's simple; be active, get paid! Winner will be picked on the 27th of each month, and the winner's prize will be sent out within 1 week of the announcement. Terms Winner must have the most activity rating out of ALL players. Commander & Deputy Commander cannot receive prize. In the case that the Commander or Deputy Commander are nominated the most active player, the prize will go to the 2nd most active player. On the 27th of each month, the top 3 will be picked. If for some reason this is delayed, the date of which the winner receives the prize will also be delayed. These terms may be amended at any time without prior notice. Prize will only be issued if the player is on our Discord server. Names of most active player will be added to the Most Active Players Leaderboard A player cannot win twice in a row. May the activity be with you...
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    The 758th and War Thunder staff would like to say happy birthday to the United States! Today is a day to celebrate the birthday of the United States, and for that reason some of us may not be as active as we usually are.
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    Hello everyone! Today I am announcing that I have setup a Patreon page for anyone who would like to support our squadron and services. This is not a requirement, nor is it a lock-in contract, this is just a way for YOU to help us out if you like the squadron and what we do! If you'd like to support the squadron, what we do, and our services (which are listed below), then please do consider donating just $2.00/month to help us out! You can cancel at any time, and it is through a secure service. 100% of donations will go to our services needed to keep this community running safe and sound. By supporting us on Patreon, you will be supporting: Our VPS payments Domain payments Dyno Premium payments In return, we give you: Automatic Discord Role "Donators™" Donator-only channel on our Discord server Forum Rank & Badge (Soon) Name added to the "Wall of Supporters" (Soon) Support us on patreon
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    As some of you may know, World War Mode was just announced on the War Thunder Website. This opens a vast variety of opportunities for our squadron, including getting involved in the testing! As stated on the War Thunder Website: Although it's not guaranteed that we will be accepted into the testing, we will be prepared in the event that we do get accepted. For that reason, we have set up a sign-up form where players can lock themselves in for testing if we do get accepted. We need 26 players minimum and cannot do this if we have below that number. We do not know much about how this will play out, how this will work, and how they plan on developing this or how the test will run, but below is what we do know. We have signed up for Fridays and Saturdays testing periods taking place at 15:00-17:00 GMT & 17:00-19:00 GMT. To participate, we must have the following ready to go once testing begins: At least 1 Commander / Officer 20 Members (Privates, Sergeants, Officers) 5 Back-up Members. If you would like to help in the testing, please click the button below. Our full list of participating members is also below. Applications close June 20th, so that is when our sign up form will also close. Participant List
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    Confused about our channels? Fear no more, the channel guide is here for you! Moderators: Take note of this when you are redirecting people to the correct channels for discussion. NOTE: Channels that are temporarily made for competitions and special announcements are not included in this guide. Important Information introduction Starter information for new members, along with general and important information about the server announcements Announcements made by Community Managers, Deputy Commander and Commander cb-announcements 758th Squadron Custom Battle announcements are made here, along with important information regarding current or upcoming CBs wt-news SnailBot automated war thunder news and devblog feed wt-changelogs SnailBot automated war thunder changelog and update feed giveaway-announcements We announce giveaways here, what else did you expect Important Information This section is only available for certain users, and therefore information about this section is not shared publicly. Text Channels general-chat For general discussion of War Thunder, real life or anything that does not belong in the other channels. Up to 2 off-topic images, videos or other media are allowed here before you must move to the correct channel for discussion off-topic For anything that is not on the topic of the general-chat, or other channels technical Seek technical advice from our community members here bots For bot commands and discussions around our bots self-promotion For community members to promote their channels, videos, etc memes For memes that may not be allowed in our off-topic channel, but still comply with our rules war-thunder-screenshot-sharing For screenshots of war thunder aircraft-photo-gif-sharing-and-discussion For discussions and sharing of photos / videos or other content of aircraft tank-photo-gif-sharing-and-discussion For discussions and sharing of photos / videos or other content of tanks ship-photo-gif-sharing-and-discussion For discussions and sharing of photos / videos or other content of ships music-sharing Share your favorite music here, but please make sure it complies with our rules and is actually...music... rant-channel A place for you to swear and rant about things you aren't happy about suggestions If you have a suggestion for the squadron or our server, place them here community-faces Show us what you look like, but please keep your pics within our rules DCS World (You can gain access to this section by typing ?dcsworld) server-information For information regarding our DCS server server-rules DCS server rules server-updates DCS server update log dcs-general For discussions around DCS World NSFW Section (You can gain access to this section by typing ?nsfw, and contrary to popular belief, rules still apply here!) nsfw-general Memes and jokes that would otherwise be deleted in our normal channels can go here politics Civil political discussions can take place here, as well as jokes about politics Staff Section (For 758th Staff) This section is only available for certain users, and therefore information about this section is not shared publicly.
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    I prefer the old and gritty look of this beauty. I call her Sweet Mustang
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    Tried to go for a more...historical look on the Halifax, this bomber has always been very reliable, capable of doing just about anything you ask it to. So these decal placements make it look like a fitting placement for such a loyal plane!
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    This is my MiG-15 Its not the fastest of jets or the best looking but when she needs to get things done she does it without a doubt!
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    Air Blitz 1x1 AB Click here for Tournament Information TEAM NAME: Geek Members: @computergeek21 Placing Below: 8th Place
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    This section will be used for Tournament Information and Tournaments we participate in. If you would like to participate in a Tournament with us, please message @TheElite96 on Discord. NOTE: If you are looking for squadron hosted tournaments, that section is located here.
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    My P-38K Love this plane <3
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    Tank Blitz 2x2 RB Click here for Tournament Bracket TEAM NAME: 758th Bomber Squadron Team Members: @TheElite96, @computergeek21 Placing Below: 7th Place
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    Hi guys, Our Squadron guidelines state: This is a very basic and logical rule. Let's talk about this, as there seems to be some confusion about this. This rule is here for a few reasons. To keep our community here safe and clean of any bad players. To make sure we set the best impression we can on the outside community of War Thunder. To have nice, polite, and respectful players in our squadron. Our reputation in Custom Battles has dropped over the past few months. Why is this you may ask? It is because this rule above has been broken several times. Some of our users, users which we are working to find, are ruining the experience of others on War Thunder. Given that some of these players are in our squadron, it naturally makes our squadron look bad. We have already kicked a few members for breaking this very simple and easy to follow rule above. We do not hesitate to do the same to anyone else who behaves this way. But here is another problem. This does not only occur in Custom Battles. This also occurs in Public Battles. In this case, I can reference the War Thunder Game Rules: You will see that unsporting behavior, swearing in chat, flame wars & whatnot are actually offenses that can get you banned or chat banned in this game. We will not hesitate to report you to the Game Masters if we see players breaking these rules above of course. Please keep this in mind. So in conclusion, we will not hesitate to kick users from the squadron if this simple yet complex rule is broken. If you are breaking War Thunder rules, you will also be kicked and reported to the Game Masters. We are strict, but this is how we maintain a good community with mature people. This topic is open for discussion. You may comment here with your thoughts, questions and opinions. Keep it clean! Cheers
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    I think the Maus might be my favorite canvas for decals. There is just so much flat, empty space
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    Any attempts to hack/takedown our Forum will result in an instant ban from the Discord Server, site and a kick from the squadron. No exceptions. These rules apply to the 758th Official Forum. If you are restricted from posting content for violating these rules, you will also be demoted in the squadron of Sergeant, Officer, or what ever rank you are besides Private. If you are continuing to break our squadron rules after you've been restricted from posting content, you will be kicked from the squadron. If you are banned from War Thunder for violating Terms of Use, End User License Agreement, or Rules, you will be kicked from this squadron. Chat bans are not counted. War Thunder Terms of Use War Thunder Rules War Thunder EULA (End User License Agreement) If you believe that one or more members are breaking these rules, please contact a Forum Moderator. Staff list is located here. 1.0 Thread Titles / Content Thread Titles / Content must not contain: 1.1 Off Topic discussion or anything not related to the subject matter of the section. Posts will be moved or hidden accordingly. 1.2 Profanity, Nazism, or anything not considered child-friendly by the on duty Forum Moderator. 1.3 Political discussion of any kind, whether it be a small reference or a full on discussion. 1.4 Any form of challenging the work or actions taken by the Moderation / Administration Teams. If you have issues with decisions made by our Moderators, please contact an Administrator. 1.5 Disrespecting phrases, words, sentences or paragraphs about Gaijin Staff / Volunteers, War Thunder players, forum members, squadron members, or staff of the 758th Squadron. 1.6 Backseat Moderating. Let the Moderators do their job. Report offenders of these rules to a Moderator, do not take it upon yourself to step in. 1.0/a Account Rules: 1.7/a One Account = One User. No more than one account unless specified by an Administrator. 1.8/a Account names must represent your In-Game Name in War Thunder. 2.0 Profile Pages, Signatures, About Me, Status Updates Any of the items listed above in green under 2.0 must not contain: 2.1 Off Topic discussion or anything not related to the subject matter of the forum. (Exception of About Me Section) 2.2 Profanity, Nazism, or anything not considered child-friendly by the on duty Forum Moderator. 2.3 Political discussion of any kind, whether it be a small reference or a full on discussion. 2.4 Any form of challenging the work or actions taken by the Moderation / Administration Teams. If you have issues with decisions made by our Moderators, please contact an Administrator. 2.5 Disrespecting phrases, words, sentences or paragraphs about Gaijin Staff / Volunteers, War Thunder players, forum members, squadron members, or staff of the 758th Squadron. 2.6 Backseat Moderating. Let the Moderators do their job. Report offenders of these rules to a Moderator, do not take it upon yourself to step in. Other Points: 2.7 All profile information must be in English. 2.8 No email change shall be made without the direct consent of an Administrator. 3.0 Warnings, Hides, Posting Restrictions Terms used: Posting Restriction - Where a user cannot post on the forum, but can only read threads. Verbal Warning - A warning issued by a Moderator as a heads up. Does not give any restrictions. Moderated Content - Where a user must get their content approved by a Moderator before it can be seen by the public. Posting in the wrong area is not considered an offense unless you continue to repeat the action more than twice in a row or close to it. If you break our rules, you will be issued a verbal warning at first. This lets the other Moderators know that you have broken a rule. From there, you will be given warning points: Verbal Warning - No Restrictions Applied 1 Warning Point - Moderated Content for 1 Day 2 Warning Points - Moderated Content Indefinitely, Posting Restriction for 7 Days 3 Warning Points - Moderated Content Indefinitely, Posting Restriction for 21 Days 4 Warning Points - User set to 'Read-Only' mode, where they cannot post on the forum. (Indefinite Posting Restriction) Important Note: Warnings do not expire unless the user was proven innocent by Administration. These rules may be amended at any time without prior notice.
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