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    These rules apply to the 758th Discord Server. If you are kicked from the server for violating these rules, you will also be kicked from the squadron. If you are banned from War Thunder for violating Terms of Use, End User License Agreement, or Rules, you will be kicked from this squadron. Chat bans are not counted in most cases. War Thunder Terms of Use War Thunder Rules War Thunder EULA (End User License Agreement) If you believe that one or more members are breaking these rules, please contact a Discord Moderator. Staff list is located here. Section 1: Text Chat Do Not: 1. Make inflammatory, racist, insulting, xenophobic or otherwise offensive remarks, towards other server members, War Thunder staff/developers or War Thunder players in general. 2. Start or participate in witch-hunts of other players in game or on the server. 3. Post or discuss inappropriate videos, pictures or discussions, including but not limited to discussions of suicide, gun violence or anything considered “NSFW”. 4. Start or take part in discussions of politics or anything related outside of the #politics channel. Please type "?nsfw" to gain access to these closed channels. Content must comply with additional NSFW Area Rules 5. Post anime, hentai or anything NSFW under any circumstances. 6. Directly and intentionally challenge the work of the server moderation team. 7. Impersonate any 758th Staff or War Thunder team member. 8. Advertise Discord servers not run by 758th Administration or without previous approval by an Administrator. 9. Spam the text chat with useless messages. (Shift + Enter is your friend, so is the Edit button) 10. Take part in discussions of sublicensing, renting, leasing, selling, trading, gifting, or any sort of transfer of one's War Thunder account. 11. Backseat Moderate. Let the Moderators do their job. Report any violation of our rules to a Moderator. Section 2: Other / Miscellaneous 12. Nicknames may not be changed. Contact a Discord Moderator if you would like your Discord Nickname changed. It must represent your in-game nickname. 13. Please keep text chat to English, if you are able to. 14. You are subject to kick from server if your Discord profile preferences (Profile Picture, Game) violates the Discord Terms of Service or any of our server rules. (Anime without any NSFW is not counted) 15. Refrain from pinging Administration unless it is absolutely necessary. Section 3: Voice Chat All Text Chat Rules & Other / Miscellaneous Rules apply to Voice Chat, along with the following. Do Not: 16. Mic spam or talk intentionally loud (commonly known as ear-rape) to cause dissent. Section 4: Warnings, Mutes and Bans Violation of any Rules listed here or Discord Terms of Service will result in a warning issued to you. If you earn 5 warnings, you will be banned. Each warning may include a text & voice mute if deemed necessary by a Moderator. A Senior member of our staff may decide, with the help of the Administration, if a player deserves a kick from the squadron based off what punishment they have received on our Discord server. A decision can also be made to bypass our warning system and go to a ban or kick from our Discord server, if deemed necessary by Senior staff and Administration.
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    While communicating with squadron members via private message on Discord, you must follow these rules: Do not: -Ignore points made by Moderators / Administrators -Disrespect, make fun of or impersonate any War Thunder / Gaijin Staff or Developer. -Spread known or false information that has not been officially announced by administrators of the War Thunder game. -Directly insult any staff of the squadron or squadron members -Directly challenge the work of the moderators in any way -Impersonate any 758th staff member or War Thunder staff member -Backseat moderate. Let the Moderators do their job. Report offenders of these rules to a Moderator, do not take it upon yourself to step in.
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