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  3. Discord Alternatives

    No, this forum is not any sort of backup for the Discord server, it's used more for information and news than anything at this point. Discord is our main way of communication, but you do bring up a good point. I personally don't see any alternatives but I'll keep this in mind for sure just in case. In any event though, the Discord outages are often brief or short enough to not cause any major issues with our community.
  4. Discord Alternatives

    So with Discord currently pooping its pants, I started wondering about all the communities that would be scattered to the winds if the service folded, including the 758th. Is this forum the official rally point if Discord fails? Or do we have a different plan in place? Do we have a plan at all?
  5. 758th Discord Update - April 1 2019

    Server has been reverted back to normal Happy April Fools!
  6. Swerwer Uwupdwate - April 1 2019 OwO De Swevwen Fwifty Ewith Dwiscwod haw undwugwon swum chwanges. Wead bewow fwor fwull dwetails. Swervwer Icwon Chwanged Swervwer Nwame Chwanged Stwaff pwofiul pictwus hwav bween updwated Channul nwames havu bween chwanged Ultwimut OwO impwumented Apwil Fwools? Nwevu hwurd of it These changes are accurate as of April 1 2019
  7. help

    Hi, Please send me a PM on the War Thunder Forums with your in-game nickname. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/profile/543638-theelite96/ Cheers
  8. help

    could anyone direct me to who i would talk to about age exceptions i am 13 but have been in multiple role plays that have an age restriction (i know this is not a roleplay) i am also an air cadet in real life meaning that i have to be mature and respectful thanks i can add more if needed
  9. These rules apply to the 758th Discord Server's NSFW Area. If you are kicked from the server for violating these rules, you will also be kicked from the squadron. If you believe that one or more members are breaking these rules, please contact a Discord Moderator. Staff list is located here. Section 1: NSFW General Content must comply with all existing Discord Server Rules. Some are repeated here for clarity. Content must not contain: Pornographic, obscene images, text or discussions Racism, xenophobia, or any type of discrimination Any form of political debate or discussion Section 2: Politics Content must comply with all existing Discord Server Rules. Some are repeated here for clarity. Content must not contain: Any form of political attacks or bashing intentionally aimed at one or another political view, such as alt-right or alt-left, democratic party, etc Out of control debates that include the use of insults by means of bashing one's political views Memes, images or discussions depicting or based around a radical opinion of a political view or figure Any form of personal attacks against users based on political views. This includes PMs Voice communications regarding politics in any of our voice channels If there are enough complaints from server users about content left in this channel, the political room will be removed just as easily as it was brought back. The rules are simple, we want and expect the utmost respect, maturity and decency from everyone here. Administrators may close the channel, temporarily or permanently, for any reason, at any time, under the sole discretion of the Administration. Section 3: Warnings, Mutes and Bans Violation of any Rules listed here or Discord Terms of Service will result in a warning issued to you. If you earn 1 warning specifically from a violation of this section's rules or rules broken in this section, your access to NSFW rooms will be permanently removed, and the warning will be added to your entire server moderation record. A Senior member of our staff may decide, with the help of the Administration, if a player deserves a kick from the squadron based off what punishment they have received on our Discord server. A decision can also be made to bypass our warning system and go to a ban or kick from our Discord server, if deemed necessary by Senior staff and Administration.
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